Performance Braking System

Now available for all Cirrus aircraft

The Performance Braking System is the latest in performance, reliability and convenience from Cirrus Direct™.

Limited sale pricing

Single-Caliper: $7990  $4999 MSRP

Dual-Caliper: $8100  $6999 MSRP


Cool Technology

Both options of single caliper and dual caliper brakes by BERINGER AERO are available. They are made exclusively for Cirrus Aircraft, built with new fluid technology and were designed to operate cooler and withstand higher temperatures.  Additionally, weight savings of up to 5+ lbs can be obtained when compared with the Parker/Cleveland braking system.


Tubeless Tires

Goodyear tubeless tires and fully-sealed wheel bearings, both familiar features in the automotive industry, provide peace of mind by reducing the risk of leaks and failures in the higher-stress aviation environment.


Advanced Wheel Fairings

Newly designed wheel fairings are equipped with an easy access door, adding convenience to inspection and maintenance tasks.

Our Cirrus type-design single caliper systems offer decreased weight, single caliper maintenance and the same higher temperature resistance as our current production aircraft.

The Cirrus dual caliper systems are available with the Beringer STC, exclusively through Cirrus Direct, offering increased clamping force for special use such as short-field landings.1

Comparison Area Performance Braking System
by Beringer AERO from Cirrus Direct
Beringer AERO
STC Dual Brakes
Wheels & Brakes
Fits all Cirrus aircraft Yes Yes Yes
Anti-lock? NOT Anti-lock2 NOT Anti-lock2 NOT Anti-lock2
High-Temperature Performance? Yes Yes No
Tubeless Tires for Reliability Yes Yes No
Brake Component Weight3 26.6 lbs 29.7 lbs 32.1 lbs
Standard on new Cirrus aircraft Yes No No
Cirrus Support Full4 Yes Limited5

Pricing & Availability

Single-caliper braking systems start at $4999 MSRP, which includes tubeless tires, hydraulic fittings & plumbing and all installation hardware.

Dual-caliper braking systems priced at $6100 MSRP, which includes tubeless tires, hydraulic fittings & plumbing and all installation hardware.

Orders placed before December 31, 2016 will receive free FedEx Ground shipping to your Cirrus Authorized Service Center of choice.

Supplies are limited and promotional pricing is valid through December 31, 2016. Installation is not included and must be preformed at a Cirrus Authorized Service Center.


  1. The dual caliper STC is FAA and EASA approved.

  2. “Not Anti-lock” is defined as ability to lock wheels when appropriate pedal pressure is applied and all brake systems in this comparison can lock the wheels, including the Beringer AERO STC Dual with the ALIR system.

  3. Brake Component Weight includes the brake and wheel hardware components. It does not include fluid, tires and tubes.
  4. Full support includes Service Bulletin, Engineering Support, Warranty Support, where applicable, and Cirrus Direct Customer Service Support.
  5. Limited support includes parts support from Cirrus Direct and, where applicable, legacy warranty support.